As the ŞANAL ISI employees, we accept our responsibilities for increasing the productivity, developing and protecting the systems, and carrying out the requirements of our work at one sitting and in the most correct way, and we use our sources carefully and efficiently and aim at success in every field.
ŞANAL ISI employees, establishing efficient and productive communication with everyone that we are in connection while doing our work is one of our primary responsibilities. We adopt as a principle to listen and speak by empathizing while establishing communication and putting ourselves into the shoes of other people that we are in communication with, and we believe that effective listening will make us successful.
ŞANAL ISI employees, we always question ourselves, our resources and results while reaching and analyzing the obtained information. And we aim at going beyond the common thinking system by producing alternative solutions and interpreting the information we received from different sources, and we adapt our creativity to our work up to the end.
ŞANAL ISI employees, we accept as the basis of our business mentality to adapt ourselves and break our habits that have to be changed by following all the developments and changes in the world. We are open to different approaches and mentalities, and we try to see the future by handling our foresights with this approach, and we also try to be in the future.
ŞANAL ISI employees, we perform our works as promised, at one sitting and in the most correct way.
ŞANAL ISI employees, first we believe in what we will do, and then we succeed.

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